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About the website

Contents and structure

Entry page has links to oikeus.fi website, describing the enforcement services in Finland, as well as links to, Finlex.fi, the State Legislative Databank and Information Service on legal aid matters. On the top of the website is the horizontal navigation area.

Languages used in the website editions are Finnish, Swedish and English.

News page has latest news if they are translated to English.

National Administrative Office for Enforcement page contains information about the organisation and tasks of the Office.

Contact page contains telephone numbers and prices of calls, addresses and email.


Users can send feedback about this website at feedback page. Please note that feedback form is not an official email of the National Administrative Office for Enforcement. Official contact information can be found at contact page. Please also note that individual enforcement matters are in the responsible of local enforcement authorities. Their contact information can be found at oikeus.fi website.


Select printer icon on the bottom of the page in order to print a content page. Text opens into a new window.

Size of text

Press A+ or A- icons on the top of the page in order to change the size of text.

Collection of data

The website uses cookies for monitoring visitors. This information is only used for statistical purposes and resolving possible problems. All gathered information will be stored on the website server, and will not be divulged to outside parties.


The website has been tested to be compatible with browser versions starting from Firefox 3.5 and IE7.

RSS feeds

You can order the bulletins published on the website as an RSS feed.

Published 29.6.2012